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A fellow writer was interested in an excerpt of the meltdown scene in my book. So, without further ado, here is a short excerpt of the meltdown one of my MCs has in Rescue Me.


“I fucking hate you!” I scream.

I raise my arm, bringing the bandage scissors down in one smooth motion, aiming for Sean’s face. He ducks, grabbing my arms and pinning them at my side.

“Call a code green signal five,” he shouts.

I break free, crying. He can’t pull me from duty, this is all I have. I’ve worked so hard for this, worked so hard to make Creighton proud of me. I wipe my face as I pace into ER, ignoring Sean as he calls me back. I stalk through the room, glaring at those who dare look at me. I brandish my scissors, intent on hurting anyone who comes near.

“Leave me alone,” I scream, as someone tries to restrain me. I toss them off, looking for somewhere to be alone. I walk into a room, seeing a mother and small child. I glare at them, as the child cries. “Silence that child!”

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