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Monthly Archives: March 2019

Good morning!

Today, we have the cover reveal for Deeper into Darkness by Maria Ann Green! Be sure to check out the book and get in on pre-orders!!

Deeper into Darkness high res cover.jpg

Here is the back cover blurb for the book:

From the outside, Bee Iverson and her fiancé, Aidan Shepard, look like any other happy couple—but looks can be deceiving. Not long into their engagement, secrets seep out of her past, lies surround them, and unwelcome surprises leak into their lives, breaking down Bee’s confidence not only in herself but in their relationship, too.   

Secret: Bee’s keeping a piece of her past from Aidan—for him.

Aidan knows Bee’s a serial killer, preying on men as often as she can. In fact, their shared passion of such dark desires fuels their love for each other. Each stalks the cold, dark nights of Maine in search of their next victims—but separately. Aidan doesn’t want to play as a pair, but afterward they celebrate every kill. Every time blood is shed, their relationship deepens.

Lie: Bee is like any other serial killer.

As her past starts to bleed into her present, sleep comes harder and harder and monsters lurk around every corner. Worse still: as suspicion builds around a missing person’s case involving the murderous pair, Bee will have to either outwit the detective breathing down her neck…or come up with another way to secure her freedom.

Surprise: Freedom comes at a high price.

Be sure to support Maria and check out Into Deeper into Darkness on release day!!