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Monthly Archives: September 2016

Dear Hamlet,

On Tuesday, we welcomed new kitten Benvolio into the family. I wasn’t sure at first, if I was doing the right thing. You haven’t been gone a full year and I still miss you terribly. My heart remains broken. But Benvolio has been a surprising healing factor. Even in his few days with us, he’s helped mend my heart. A part of it will remain forever broken, but I feel good now, having him in my life.

He’s so tiny. Reminds me of when you were that tiny, so many years ago. He plays with toys, he has so much energy. But he’s learning to sit quietly with me, just like you always did. And then he’s off and running. Right now, he’s sleeping with his chin on my hand.

I hope my memories with him are as good as my memories with you. You and I had a lot of fun together, even when you were being a pistol. But I loved you no matter what. And I find that I can love again, because Benvolio has proven that.

I’ve come to terms with the fact that I did what I could for you. I did everything I could but the illness was stronger. I hope you found the rainbow bridge and have made some friends. I know we’ll be reunited someday, when the time is right.

In the mean time, give Benvolio some advice on posing for the camera =). He’s already a ham ;). And feel free to visit me whenever; I’ll be watching for you.