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I meant to write this yesterday, but between the snow and being busy at work, I didn’t have a chance.

December 28th was one month without my Hamlet.  It also marked six years without The Rev.  The 28th was a tough day for me.  Because of a snow storm, I was late at work, dealing with phone calls.  In between, I tried not to think too much about Hamlet.  But knowing it was the 28th, that was a challenge.

I’ve been doing better.  I don’t cry as much now at his pictures or thinking of him.  But yesterday was tough.  I miss my beautiful boy.  I think about him every day.  His chair is so empty.  His collar is sitting on the mantel piece, his ashes next to the recliner.  He’s never far away and yet he’s so far away.

I know that, over time, it will get better.  And in time, I’ll get a new kitty.  But right now, but heart isn’t in the right place for a new kitty.  As broken as my heart is right now, I couldn’t love another kitty.  Not the way a kitty deserves to be loved.

I miss my Hamlet.  My heart is still broken.  Maybe The Rev gave him a snuggle for me on Monday.

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