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Apologies to the peeps that follow me for writing =).  Music is also a huge part of my life and I sometimes blog about that as well.

I posted this on Tumblr earlier:

I’m seeing a mixed reaction to Brooks Wackerman.  Some are happy, some are on the fence, and some are being down right rude.

To each their own way, of course, but there’s no reason to be rude.  If you take a listen to Brooks, you’ll hear his chops.  You can tell he was influenced by Jimmy.  You can hear the nuances that Jimmy had in his playing.  Brooks is going to bring that JImmy-esque style of playing back to the band.

I loved Arin.  But the reality is that he couldn’t play the old stuff to temp.  And if the band couldn’t get him where they needed for the new album, it was time to part ways.  You can’t keep working with someone if it’s not working out.  In the absence of Jimmy, it’s entirely likely to take a couple of tries to find the person that’s the right fit.  I think the boys have found the right fit with Brooks.

Listen to the podcast.  Listen to the excitement in Shad’s voice.  Notice how it feels like two old friends chatting with Jericho?  That element has been missing since Arin came in.  I wish Arin all the best and it’s obvious the boys are going to stay friends.  Matt made that clear, that he has nothing bad to say about Arin.  But things didn’t work out, so that’s how it goes.

To those being rude:  please reign yourselves in.  You like morons saying nasty things about Brooks.  If you don’t like him, fine, but say it nicely.  Check him out before you judge.  Understand where the guys are coming from.

Brooks: welcome to the family.  Batten down the hatches, so your privacy stays intact.  And good luck.

I really hope he does well and fits in.  From the sounds of the podcast, he’s a great fit, but time will tell.  I see a lot of people that are upset because Arin was let go.  It sounds like it was all good, but he needed a lot of guidance and wasn’t on the same page about important stuff like song writing.  Plus, he’s a dad now, and I’m sure he’d love some time to be a dad.  There’s not a doubt in my mind that some band is going to gobble him up in the future.  We’ve not heard the last of Arin, of that I’m sure.  And I will check out whatever he does next.

As to Brooks: welcome, man.  Good luck.  The fans are rabid, some are downright awful, but most of us are pretty chill.  =)

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