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One Broke Girl: An Edgewood Falls Book by Rhonda Helms.

One Broke Girl brings us the story of Anna, a transplant from NYC to Edgewood Falls, Ohio. In NYC, she had it all: rich parents, not a care in the world, and an easy life. Then, her mother leaves unannounced. She and her dad, penniless, pack up and move back to her dad’s hometown in Ohio.

Anna doesn’t like it at first. She misses NYC and her life there. She’s angry at her mother for leaving them and her dad’s slipped into a massive depression. Anna has to support the family, so she takes on whatever jobs she can find. As the story progresses, the reader is taken along on Anna’s journey to make friends, keep her family afloat, and try and bring her dad out of his depression. Along the way, Anna meets Gavin, a teacher at the local elementary school. They begin a friendship that quickly turns into much more. The book takes plenty of twists and turns, up and downs to get to the conclusion, which I won’t spoil for anyone.

What drew me to the book was that I had spoken with the author different times on social media. We’re both part of the writing community and so on occasion our paths cross and we get a chance to visit with each other. I saw that she had some books out, looked her up, and the back cover blurb sounded good to me.

I’ll preface this with this is not my normal kind of book. You’ll see me reading Alice Hoffman, Kristin Hannah, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, or Terry Pratchett. But every good writer has to branch out, and so I did.

I like Helms’ writing style. It’s similar to my own, which made it easy for me to read. She focuses on real people with real problems, which are the kinds of books I like to read and write. Her characters are easy to identify with and feel like real people on the page. As you read, you become invested in their lives and genuinely want to know what happens next.

The pacing is good in this book, which makes it a fast read, but the kind that sucks you in and doesn’t let you go. I frequently found myself absorbed in the book waiting for a meeting to start or sitting at home, to the point I’d be startled out of my reading by someone speaking to me.

If you’re into romances, there is plenty of romance to go around. For those not into as much romance, the book is good there, too. Plenty of non-romance elements to balance the romance parts of the book made for a great read.

All in all, I highly recommend this book to all readers. There’s also a book two, which I will review later.

Readers of romance novels or contemporary novels with a touch of romance will like this book. You can purchase this book here: One Broke Girl

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