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Danielle Doolittle challenged me to this rather simple idea:

The basics of the challenge are simple: starting at the seventh line of the seventh page of a current WIP post the next seven lines and tag seven more authors to join in the fun. (Shouldn’t there be one more seven in the challenge?)

So…where we go! Let me introduce you to this excerpt:


Edward is the manager for the band Closure. In this excerpt, he’s lamenting the fans a little. =)  WIP is titled In the Blink of an Eye.


There were privacy issues where fans would hack into social media and get pictures and post them online. There were stalkers once in a blue moon. He had to deal with wanna-be groupies. And there were label politics, too.

Watching the boys now, as they tried to sneak unsuccessfully onto the bus, he smiled. The boys were tired, as their US tour was winding down, but they all took time with the fans. Those few seconds of interactions would make a fan’s year, and he always reminded the boys how important those few seconds were to their career.


It’s rough, although some might recognize the characters. I’m in the process of re-writing this book to be (hopefully) better. My goal is to query it in 2017. That seems a long ways off…

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