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I did not get a spot or request in either of the January contests.  This did not surprise me, because 1. I write adult novels and 2. Most contests are very kidlit-centric.  Now, this is not a bad thing.  I read PB, MG, YA, and NA sometimes.  Kidlit is hot right now, YA, MG, and the like are flying off shelves.  But it definitely creates a challenge for us adult writers.  There is a contest specifically for us: AdPit, a pitch day that runs a couple times a year.  This year, AdPit was expanded into a chance for critiques as well and there’s a bigger version coming in June.

But how do adult writers survive in this kidlit climate?  When agents are snapping up books for a younger crowd?  Simple: keep putting yourself out there.  For me, because my book is a contemporary LGBT m/m, I’m hitting the small press route for a couple of tries.  Then, I’ll try for an agent again.  And maybe this isn’t “THE ONE”.  Maybe there’s another book that will get me in the door of publishing.  But we adult writers can’t give up.  Keep entering contests.  Keep querying.  The more we get out there, the louder we get, the better our chances of being recognized.

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