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I apologize for being such a poky blogger =). Life’s been busy and it doesn’t look to being slowing down any time soon.

I’m about to hit the query trails this year. “Rescue Me”‘ has been spit-shined and polished and once I give it one more going over, I think it’ll be ready. I’m nervous, because so far it’s been all rejections (plus one partial that got rejected), but I think there’s someone out there for it. I’m currently researching LGBT agents and wondering if a couple accept re-queries. I don’t have a dream agent or even a top ten; I simply want the person who is right for this book. And I’ll know who that is when we talk…I’m that kind of writer, I suppose.

I hope 2015 has been good for everyone so far. It’s early in the year, so we have plenty of time to make things amazing. If you’re hitting the query trail, good travels and good luck and if you’re writing/revising/plotting good luck and good words! I’ll try to blog more often and try to get you updated on my query journey once it starts this year.

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  1. Good luck with querying! Queries DO work, and it sounds like you’ve worked hard to be prepared.

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