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My Twitter feed currently looks something like this:


Everyone wondering if they got a mentor, wondering if they’re writing is good enough. Some people have already dismissed themselves as not having gotten a mentor. Waiting is hard, trust me. I, too, wonder if I’ll be one of the lucky few chosen. My boys’ story is not an easy one and it’s a heartbreaking book. But, know that you are, indeed, good enough!

Matt Smith

Whether or not you get a mentor in Pitchwars, your career is not over! It’s hardly begun. All it takes is one YES! to get your book to the next level. And the mentors have said time and again they’ve passed on some awesome stories. That old adage, that this business is very subjective, is on display for all to see on the Pitchwars hashtag on Twitter right now.

So, hang in there, fellow writers! You’ll realize your dreams one way or another!

Good Year

And remember, if you don’t get a mentor, it’s not the end of the world! Keep writing, keep trying and one day your story will be on a bookshelf near you =)!

Good Luck

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