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I made an earlier post about Pitchwars 2014…and now for some fun things that happen during the time leading up to submissions. One of those fun things is Pimp My Bio. So, here is my little bio for Pitchwars 2014, in the form of a Q&A with my MCs, Jimmy and Jacoby Mortensen.

1. What possessed you to tell our story? It’s ugly, it’s dark, and it’s super depressing.

A: Because you have an interesting story. Yes, it’s dark and ugly and super depressing, but it’s a story that needs to be told. There are so many books about coming out or the stereotypical gay couple and I wanted to tell a different story. Your story is not about coming out, it’s about Jimmy’s struggles with addiction, mental illness and self-identity. And it’s a story about how Jacoby tried to save him.

Dr. Who

2. But what will make people want to read our story?

A: All those things I just talked about. You have a fascinating story and it’s that aspect that will make people want to read this book. You guys don’t hold back and people get to see how raw your story is. You don’t sugar-coat anything.

3. But we’re a little shy about our story coming out. What makes you qualified to tell it?

A: Uhm…you asked me to tell it? *thought that was obvious*

Dr. Who

4. Okay, fine. Then why should people keep reading? No one outside of a fifty mile radius of Omaha probably knows where Mondamin, Iowa, is. And what if we scare them away? I mean Jimmy can be kind of scary, ya know?

A: I don’t think it matters if they don’t know where Mondamin is. And if you scare them away, well the, that’s their problem, right? And that’s not a very nice thing to say about your husband.

Mondamin, Iowa

5. My turn for some questions. Okay, so I’m a little, uhm, psycho in this book. I do some Very Bad Things. So…does that endear people to me? (Jacoby snorts, trying not to laugh) Hey!

A: Guys, guys, calm down. Well, Jimmy, yes, you do make some very poor choices in this book. And okay, you do go a bit psycho. But…maybe people will have sympathy for you. And Jacoby, quit laughing!


6. I wanna know more about you! Where ya from? What do ya do? Why are you a writer?

A: Ahh…I’m from Iowa. I’m a radio producer/dj. I write for the love of writing. Frankly, if Jimmy The Rev Sullivan hadn’t inspired me, my writing drought would be in its eighth year. Instead, he got me kick-started and I’ve been writing books ever since. I have a medical background, too, so how’s that for cool?

Jimmy The Rev Sullivan

7. Okay, so, I’m a weirdo…being gay and intersex…do you think people will like me?

A: I think so, yes. We should probably wrap this up guys.


8. Oh, but we’re having so much fun! Okay, so one more question: how shiny is your first chapter, exactly?

A: You’re gonna need shades, my friend.

Shades 1

Thanks to Jimmy and Jacoby for the interview. And hopefully, Rescue Me gets eyes on it =).

Dancing Rev

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