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It’s that time once again: Pitchwars 2014! If you don’t know what that is, click the link! If you do know, click the link to check out the mentors this year.

Something that impressed me this year was the number of mentors available for adult writers! In years past, there have always been a lack of adult mentors, but this year, it’s actually difficult to narrow down my picks. The hashtag #PitchWars on Twitter is teaming with posts, writers asking mentors questions, and a great sense of community.

I’m hoping to be one of the lucky ones chosen this year for Pitchwars. I know that Rescue Me is a good book (okay I wrote it, but still), and I hope to get it before an agent and maybe even get it an agent. If not that, at least a small press. My boys are hard to love but with some patience, people come to love them. I’ve been giving my pages a good shining up and they almost squeak!

If you’re entering Pitchwars this year, good luck! And if you’re still polishing and won’t be ready in time, don’t fret. Better to wait a year than to rush in without being polished and ready! And if you see Rescue Me, cross your fingers for my boys!

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