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YA Paranormal Romance

With school nearing it’s end and graduation looming, this has been a busy semester. Reading time has been scarce, but lately, I’ve been digging out part of my days to read. I started Evade ages ago and finally finished it tonight.


Evade is part of the Ever trilogy. I reviewed Ever a while back on my blog, and it’s a must read!  The story follows Ever, Toby, and various friends and extended family on a journey that will suck you and won’t let go. Evade is the second book in this trilogy and I can’t wait for the final installment of this amazing series!


Now, on to Evade!


Evade picks up where Ever left off.  The reader follows Ever as she tries to live a normal life, off on a vacation to Mexico before starting college in the fall.  Naturally, nothing is easy for this girl, and she runs into her least favorite person while trying to have fun. She is then kidnapped by an unknown gang who want her soul.  She eventually ends up back home with her family, but the worst is yet to come.  The reader learns, along with Ever, things about the family and Ever’s past that will boggle the mind.  With this news out in the open, the real adventure begins. 


Evade takes the reader from California all the way to Seattle before leaving the book on a cliffhanger that will leave you pleading with the author for more.  I very much enjoyed reading this book and look forward to the third and final installment of this magnificent series. Jessa’s strength is that the reader can guess all they want what’s going on…but you’ll always be surprised.  It would be easy to give the reader the obvious but Jessa doesn’t do that.  Instead, she keeps you guessing as you read.  The MC, Ever, is also not your typical damsel in distress.  She finally takes matters into her own hand and the reader is left to guess if Ever did the right thing or not.  No ‘save me! rescue me!’ from that girl!  And while the book is technically YA, the characters are all mature and don’t come off as childish or typical in any way, shape, or form. Jessa has a definite talent as a writer and you will be swept away as soon as you crack the first page of her books.


5 of 5 stars to Jess Russo and Evade!

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