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I’ll be one of many writers to say this: I didn’t think my dream of being published would ever come true. We all think that, on some level. No matter how hard we study writing, how much effort we put into editing, writing, revising, querying, etc., we all fear it’s for naught.

Last year, I submitted a well-edited short story to Elephants Bookshelf Press. The theme for their upcoming winter anthology was regret and I had a story I felt would be a perfect fit. With the help of CPs from AQC, I sent in my story. The waiting was tough, as it always is. Then, I got to work one day and spotted an email from the company. I opened it to read what I thought was a rejection.

I squealed.

I’d gotten in! My story had been accepted and would be published in 2014! I couldn’t believe it and told each and every person I knew as fast as I possibly could. I even managed to startle a co-worker through a soundproof wall when I squealed.

I waited a few weeks and finally, it was my turn in the cue for the copy editor. We made a few changes and I sent the document back. A few more weeks went by and I got the final edits. Today, as I posted earlier, we got the cover reveal. The cover is beautiful and now we’re just waiting for the book to publish.

One of my favorite musicians once said “The most important thing you can ever do is follow your dreams.”. He’s been dead now almost five years but those words ring in my head every time I open a document to edit or write. I credit Jimmy Sullivan with inspiring me to start writing again. I intend to continue following my dreams of being a writer, no matter how long the journey may be.

Don’t ever give up if you want to do something. Keep truckin’ because eventually, someone will see you and say “let’s work together”!

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  1. Awesome!! I am currently shopping around a short story and flash fiction piece. I hate waiting–I check the status literally every day. That’s great that your story will be published. I cant wait to read it.

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