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Monthly Archives: January 2013

As I was gearing up to write what might’ve been quite a blow up between my two main characters I started wondering: does anyone else have characters in their head? By that I mean: these two were duking it out in my head for a good day ahead of when I wrote the scene. The scene was a good one, they definitely had a fight, but not the big blow up I was expecting. Now, that could change in revisions. Or it means they got the big nasties over with in my head before I composed their scene.

It sounds crazy to most people who aren’t writers; voices in your head? They put us writers down as crazy, give us strange looks, etc. But when you think about it, we’re not truly crazy are we? There are some of us who simply have this strange bond with these fictional people we’ve created. And those fictional people love to drive us insane at times.

So…any other writers experience this? Or am I truly crazy? 😉