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I’ve seen a lot of people lately talking about how they became a writer and it made me think about my journey. And I wondered about others as well.

I became a writer around the age of twelve. Prior to that, when I was in second grade, my church had an essay contest. I won the big prize of $5 and got to read my winning essay to the entire church. Being from a small town, the audience was small, but it kind of made me think I liked writing.

When I got into the sixth grade, however, I really got bit by the writing bug. It’s all thanks to my teacher, Mrs. Greeley. She complimented my writing in her English class and it really struck me; someone liked my writing. As I went through jr. high school and eventually high school, I kept writing. To this day, I have stacks upon stacks of old story notebooks (I’m old, for you young readers, lol!). My first “book” was written on a typewriter, with a black pen, and on an old Apple IIe at school. I even submitted it to a publishing house. *facepalm* I wish I could find that old rejection letter, because it was actually a very kind rejection.

Then, I entered college and put the brakes on a for a while. After graduation, the brakes wouldn’t let up. Then, in 2007 I became an Avenged Sevenfold fan. That next year, I wrote my first novel in years; it took me exactly 11 months. And I thought I had the best thing since sliced bread.

*cue laughter*

Okay, it needed work. A LOT of work. And a sequel. But I’d written it. I had broken free of the writer’s block that had gripped me for two years or more. And it was a huge breakthrough. I started writing fanfic to get my creative brain going. Eventually, I created my own characters and gave them their own book.

Now, writing is almost all I do. I read when I can, I listen to a ton of music, and I’m back in school for the third (and hopefully last) time. I have researched the process of getting published and am finally following my dream of becoming a writer. It’s going to take time, it’s not going to be an easy road, but every pair of eyes that sees my novel in is a step forward. And all the critiques I get on it help, too. Eventually, I’ll find that perfect agent who loves and understands my book.

So, tell me your story. How did you become a writer?

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